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Type 1 Tech: Yet Another 1st Place Finish for ABM
- by David Kwon
    C&J Collectables in Newark, California, hosts a type 1 tournament every Thursday night at 6:30. Recently, we have been getting very good turnouts of 20+ people attending, with perhaps about 1/2 of the field having some kind of power, and about 1/3 of the field being fully powered. The number of people in attendance, the strength of the players there, and the variety of decks represented all makes this an excellent place for type 1.

Type 1 Tech: A Tournament Report from Newark, CA
- by David Kwon
    For the second week in a row, Dave makes it to the final match with a deck of his own design. The card choices may be controversial, but so far the play results have been holding their own. If you're at all interested in competitive Type 1, his deck and report are worth a look.

A Woman's Touch: Enchantress
- by Dawn Lorne
    The Tome is fast becoming THE place for post-rotation Extended. Dawn discusses Enchantress in the new environment. Isn't it great to have Gaea's Cradle be useful in Extended again?

The New Extended: Part One
- by Ted Slone
    Ted takes a look at a number of the more popular post-rotation Extended decks, covering everything from The Rock to Suicide Oath. A great article for finding a starting point for the new format.

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