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A Woman's Touch: Enchantress
- by Dawn Lorne
    The Tome is fast becoming THE place for post-rotation Extended. Dawn discusses Enchantress in the new environment. Isn't it great to have Gaea's Cradle be useful in Extended again?

The New Extended: Part One
- by Ted Slone
    Ted takes a look at a number of the more popular post-rotation Extended decks, covering everything from The Rock to Suicide Oath. A great article for finding a starting point for the new format.

Post-Rotation Extended Part Two: Da Nutz
- by Tim Sprague
    Some insight into the Wakefield method of writing followed up by a post-rotation Extended deck not previously discussed on the internet. That's right, folks, it's a Tome exclusive, although no promises that it's the top deck in the format.

TurboLand Take 2
- by Tim Sprague
    Yeah, there's a long non-Magic rant in the beginning, but then the useful stuff comes right after that. I promise.

Living Force
- by Shawn Chang
    Shawn takes a stab at a new post-Judgment OBC deck he likes to call Living Force.

Post-Rotation Extended: Reanimator and TurboLand
- by Tim Sprague
    In the first article of a sure to be long series, a look at post-rotation Reanimator reveals what is sure to be a strong archetype in the format. Oh, and TurboLand...without Oath of Druids?

U/G on a Budget
- by Peter Vieren
    With the price of building a tournament-worthy deck often in the hundreds of dollars, Peter presents some decks that may not break the format, but they won't break your wallet, either.

Regionals: Red Decks Win
- by Tim Sprague
    Can you ever really count out a stupid red deck packing a lot of burn? Not if Psychatogs are going to be the norm, you can't.

Regionals Tech: The Fix
- by Tim Sprague
    A five color deck...that's not Domain? Consistant manabases are overrated anyway.

The Best Control Deck in Standard?
- by Ted Slone
    Delving into the mind of Brian Kibler isn't always pretty, but Ted bites the bullet and analyzes the present and future of the infamous Enforcer.

The Swarm: A Ground-Breaking Look at OBC
- by Mike Greene
    In one of the first stabs at mono-Black in Odyssey Block Constructed, Mike takes a look at the reincarnation of Suicide Black.

Enough of the Fake Stuff
- by Tim Sprague
    Does a "true" control deck exist in Standard, or can't the format support it? This, plus a different take on mono-Black in Odyssey Block Constructed.

The New Blue/White (and sometimes /Black)
- by Ted Slone
    Ted takes a look at the Blue/White Control decks of last season, trying to find some tech for the current metagame. And what would a serious Magic article be without a combo deck named after a cereal?

Torment-Proofing and PTQ
- by Valeria Kiss
    It's not just a decklist, it's not just a PTQ trading report...that's right, kids, it's a combination, with some bad driving thrown in for kicks.

The New G/R/U
- by Ted Slone
    Ted analyzes various builds of this popular color combination and shares a bit of personal tech.

Consult for Lake of....Oh, Wait
- by Tim Sprague
    Is Suicide Black TRULY dead in Extended? Or is it just hiding out in an out-of-the-way bar in the streets of New Orleans?

Wild Ponza
- by sugarv
    An attempt to combine the power of Wildfire with G/R land destruction.

The Encyclopedia Magica Does New School Enchantress
- by Vegeta2711
    Attempting to do what many have dubbed the impossible, Vegeta2711 tries to resurrect Enchantress in Standard. If you're not open-minded to janky card choices and playing with Iridescent Angel, then this isn't the article for you.

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