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Type 1 Tech: Yet Another 1st Place Finish for ABM
- by David Kwon
    C&J Collectables in Newark, California, hosts a type 1 tournament every Thursday night at 6:30. Recently, we have been getting very good turnouts of 20+ people attending, with perhaps about 1/2 of the field having some kind of power, and about 1/3 of the field being fully powered. The number of people in attendance, the strength of the players there, and the variety of decks represented all makes this an excellent place for type 1.

Type 1 Tech: A Tournament Report from Newark, CA
- by David Kwon
    For the second week in a row, Dave makes it to the final match with a deck of his own design. The card choices may be controversial, but so far the play results have been holding their own. If you're at all interested in competitive Type 1, his deck and report are worth a look.

My Regular Local End-of-the-Month T1.5 Tournament
- by David Wieland
    A 1.5 tournament? Do they still hold those? In any case, here's one for your reading pleasure.

Sealed Tournament Report
- by Ted Slone
    Usually Ted deals in articles about Constructed formats, but apparently he's a man of many Magic talents. First an interview with Eric Taylor, and now a Sealed tournament. What's next for The Tome's wandering writer?

JSS Challenge Report: March 2, 2002
- by Mike Dupre
    Mike makes his Tome reappearance with a JSS tournnament report. Is Braids in EVERY Standard deck these days?

PT: San Diego Report
- by Menno Rieff
    Menno delves into his experiences at Pro Tour: San Diego. A tournament report complete with partying, draft politics, and, of course, tons of hours on a plane.

JSS Standish Tournament Report , February 16
- by Mike Dupre
    It's JSS week here on The Tome, apparently, as another JSS tourney report rolls in. Mike steps up to the plate with a Psychatog varient, playing against such decks as Sligh, Rocket Shoes, and...Fires?

Three Decks and a Qualifier
- by Nick La Monaco
    Three decklists and a JSS qualifier report. What else do you want from a writer, his blood?

Of Morals and Being a Tool: PTQ Osaka Report
- by Tim Sprague
    Would would have thought that the road to a Pro Tour could be filled with tests not only of the mind, but of the belief system?

Across the Board: States, or Preparation is for the Weak
- by Tim Sprague
    A States tournament report, a lunatic-like raving about Reckless Charge, and Army of Darkness quotes. What WON'T we put on The Tome?

Provincials in Ontario, 2nd...
- by mal
    With the powerful yet volatile U/G/r Liquid Tempo, Mal hits second in Ontario and provides a quick and to-the-point tournament report.

Tedman's Tales, November 11: Provincials Tournament Report
- by Ted Slone
    Proving that sometimes the best way to get things done is to turn a lot of things sideways in the red zone, Ted repeats his Top Four appearance in Provincials with G/R/b.

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