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US Nationals 05-16-2002 01:58 PM
US Nationals, often referred to as to as the toughest tournament on the Magic calendar, is over, and we've got a new champion: Eugene Harvey! This is Harvey's second consecutive year on the US team at Worlds. Could Harvey be making Nationals "his" tournament?

Eighth Edition and You 05-16-2002 07:54 AM
Wizards of the Coast is now allowing the public to make some choices for Eighth Edition. That's right, kiddies, we get to vote on what makes it into Eighth Edition! Well, sort of. Wizards is allowing the public to vote on certain card and art choices. Check it out here.

Koen: Beyond Dominia Champion 05-16-2002 07:48 AM
In what seemed like a tournament with no end in sight, the Beyond Dominia Tournament of Champions 5 has finally concluded. When the dust had settled, Koen had defeated Smmenen to claim the crown. Yes, it was Type One, but who would have expected Call of the Herd to be one of the difference makers?

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