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Thank you for taking interest in submitting content to The Tome.

We here at The Tome are interested in just about anything you have to say. Deck submissions, tournament reports, thirty-eight page essays on the multiple uses of Spinning Darkness in's all good to us. Anything that you'd like to submit will be read by the staff and placed on The Tome (assuming that the content actually contributes, well, anything) for all to see. It's really that simple.

So what kind of content are we looking for? Tournament reports. New decks. Strategies for the various decks and formats. Humor. Casual Magic. Just about anything that you want to write about. Throw us the submission of your choice. Hell, combine them all into a gigantic rant about pudding if you like.

If you'd like to submit something to The Tome, send it to, and look for your content to be up on The Tome for all to gaze upon its glory.

Quick notes: Any content submitted to The Tome becomes partial property of The Tome. What this means is that we at The Tome have the right to do anything that we see fit with your content, including but not limited to posting it in various sections of The Tome, rewriting any portion(s), making any changes and/or additions that we wish, etc. Also, you agree to have the content that you submit displayed only on The Tome unless you are told otherwise by a member of the staff.

Tim "Iakae" Sprague
Senior Editor, The Tome

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